Coding made fun and easy!

Children learn languages quickly and easily, so why not teach them the professional languages of technology?

E.A.K. is a story-driven game that provides children with knowledge of both computational thinking and professional coding languages, to effectively prepare them for 21st Century degrees and careers.

How does it work?

Girls and boys aged 8+ learn to code by building and fixing real levels as they play - on their own, or alongside parents or teachers.

As E.A.K. progresses, children will learn how to use their new HTML, CSS and Javascript skills to build their own simple creations on the web. The game currently teaches HTML syntax, and once purchased it will be updated regularly.

Our Mission

E.A.K.s long-term mission is to equip every child with the practical skills necessary for them to create websites and apps. The team are also passionate about inspiring girls, so that they can grow up to have the same opportunities as boys.

Solely through word-of-mouth, the pilot version of E.A.K. has over 70,000 players around the world.

Our story

Whilst it’s a known fact that learning to code will give children a huge advantage in their careers, the vast majority still believe that this subject area is “too difficult” and “more for boys”.

Erase All Kittens was made in 2014, by an advertising creative, a developer, and an illustrator. They set themselves a challenge to come up with a new and exciting way to inspire children - especially girls - to code and create on the web.

The team worked together every evening and weekend for six months, before being accepted onto Emerge Education - an accelerator aiming to improve educational outcomes worldwide. They received further funding and used this to carry out extensive research whilst developing E.A.K. They also met some brilliantly talented people along the way, some of whom joined their team and board of advisors.